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> For thousands of years people have had gods and goddesses as figments of their imagination, so why should we think Christianity is any different?

> Aren’t most of the major conflicts in the world caused by people who claim to be doing the will of God? Doesn’t religion do more harm than good?

> If there must be a Creator, then who created God?

> Isn’t it ignorant to believe that God made the first man from a handful of dust and later made the first woman from a rib taken from that man?

> What is original sin? Am I guilty and deserving of damnation because of something Adam and Eve did? What kind of justice is that?

> When the Bible says God repented (regretted) the way he made man, does that mean he made a mistake and/or was unable anticipate the bad things that would happen? Was it flawed design?

> How can Christians say that God is fair? Isn’t it obvious that some people get a better deal in life than others?

> How can anyone comprehend the concept of a three-in-one God? Why the Trinity? Why not just one God?

> If God is good and loving, and has unlimited power, why is there so much pain and suffering in the world?

> Why doesn’t God replace amputations or fix deformities?

>If God knows the future, doesn’t that mean he controls the future? Has God predestined everything? Do we really have free will?

> Why did Jesus have to die? Why didn’t God just forgive us?

> Will God send billions of people to hell because they didn’t personally accept Jesus as Savior, even though they never heard of Jesus?

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> What is truth? How can anyone really know for sure?

> On what basis can anyone say that the Bible is more credible than the Qur’an or other holy scriptures?

> Why can’t more than one religion be true? Why only religion of the Bible?

> Who were the people who wrote the Bible? Who gave them authority to speak for God? How do we know they didn’t inject personal opinions?

> Wasn’t there some Catholic council that just picked the books, the ones they wanted to put in the Bible? How can that be the Word of God? Why didn’t God himself write a concise New Testament and give to Peter, like he wrote the Ten Commandments and gave to Moses?

> Before the printing press, the Bible had to be penned by hand, copied and recopied dozens of times over centuries by people having personal opinions, so how do we know that the end copy is the same as the original?

> Are there different kinds of Bibles, like a Catholic Bible and Protestant Bible? What Bible is best?

> There are unbelievable stories in the Bible, like Noah and the Ark, Moses and the Plagues, Jonah and the Big Fish, Joshua stopping the sun, Jesus walking on water ... Do Christians really believe that those things actually happened?

> How could a God of goodness and justice direct the Israelites to capture other people’s cities and kill all innocent men, women and children?

> Why does God condone slavery in the Bible?

> Hasn’t science proved that evolution is a fact and that the Bible story of creation is a myth? Can a Christian believe in evolution?

> Why do Christians keep quoting the Bible itself as proof for its own accuracy? Don’t they know that this is illogical circular reasoning?

> Is there evidence outside of the Bible to support what Christians believe?

> Why won’t Christians admit that the Bible contains errors and contradictions?

> Why doesn’t God answer prayer as the Bible promises?

> Isn’t it arrogant to claim that Jesus is the only way to heaven and that all other ways lead to hell? How do we know that God doesn’t have other ways outside the Bible that we may not even know about?

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> Aren’t all religions essentially the same? Aren’t they all fear-based and emotional? Don’t they just scare believers so they don’t think clearly?

> There are hundreds of rules in the Bible that Christians ignore. And there are others they make a big deal about. Aren’t Christians just picking and choosing the ones they like?

> Is there any evidence that heaven is more than just a desire for wish fulfillment?

> Why do the most intelligent people tend to be the least religious?

> When Jesus said people should have child-like faith, was he telling them not to think much about it? Just react emotionally? Just believe and do what you’re told?

> Who is a Christian? How does a person become a Christian?

> Why do some Christians talk so much about being saved or born-again or similar terms? Don’t they realize that this is offense to many people?

> Can a Christian lose his or her salvation? How?

> Are you telling me that I’m going to hell if I don’t believe just like you do?

> Why should we listen to Christians when the church is full of hypocrites?

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These are the big questions people are asking today.

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The HEART cannot embrace

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This book is for ...   personal growth ... Bible studies ... discussion groups in neighborhood, coffee shop, workplace and campus ... adult Sunday School classes ... church leadership training and new member classes ... writer and speaker research ... family dinner table talk ... and more ...


'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment.'

– Matthew 22:37-38

This book is about loving God with our mind.


'Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect ...'

– I Peter 3:15

This book is about giving an answer.


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